El Dorado Royale Wedding Photography

Heidi and Chris' Beach Wedding, 2 18 12


Heidi and Chris were married on a beautiful sunny day in Mexico’s Riviera Maya at one of our favorite wedding locations, the El Dorado Royale. This was an amazing fiesta, family and friends had such a great time celebrating with the delightful bride and groom! I am sure there is no way to overstate how much dreaming, planning and thought  goes into each wedding. I am sure that a great deal of thought went into the planning of this destination wedding. I know that for the bride and groom and their loved ones this once-in-a-lifetime day must have flown by in the blink of an eye! I really hope that the photographs Lauren and I fortunate to be able to capture on the wedding day (and at the trash the dress session the next morning!) will somehow help to turn back the calendar and stop the clock, allowing them to re-experience this great day spent with family and friends in Mexico… not just once but for years as part of the beautiful history of a wonderful new family. All images © 2012 Elizabeth and Lauren Medina.


The following photographs are from the trash the dress session the next morning…

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