Esencia Wedding Photography

Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Scrumptious laid-back Mexico beach chic! (yes, you guessed right, I have been watching interior designer  Emily Henderson give her couple’s styles these long drawn out labels- its a totally addicting way to look at just about anything) I think the description pretty much sums up Danijela and Jeremy’s wedding at Esencia Estate near Playa del Carmen. This is a very private and intimate beach destination wedding location overlooking the Caribbean Sea, near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. On the day of the wedding (officiated by Jeremy’s father and attended by a numerous and enthusiastic group of friends and family) the water was bluer than blue. I can’t imagine a better background to set off the very simple and beachy wedding colors and details. Beautiful!  Gracias to planner Litzie Vazquez and the team at Esencia for making it all flow so smoothly. All images (c)2013 Elizabeth and Lauren Medina

A view of the main building at Esencia, along with a vignette of the invitation, bouquets, rings:

The bride’s shoes were a knock out!






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