Fotografia de Bodas

Merida, Yucatan, Alejandrina y Marcelo, Hacienda Hunxectaman


When I first began to study photography (and I do mean study- I am probably the only person who would have purchased every photography book available at Barnes and Nobles and practically memorized them before actually buying a camera and signing up for a class- I mean really, who does that?) I embarked on a mad love affair with color… only to fall head over heels with black and white contrast and shadow when I began to develop and print in the darkroom. In those non-digital times one had to choose ahead of time between “seeing” in black and white and in color, or as I eventually began to do carry two cameras- in my case usually with a roll of tri X or an Ilford BW film in one and color transparency film in the other. Nowadays things are so much more flexible since we don’t need to decide ahead of time whether the photographs will be developed in black and white or in color.

Alejandrina and Marcelo’s photographs reminded me of how awesome that artistic freedom really is. The couple had a very elegant and classic beauty and as Lauren and I photographed the two of them at Merida´s Casa Faller I knew I would love seeing many of their images in classic black and white. At the same time there were elements throughout the day (such as the beautiful details that BAKU EVENTS brought to life at the couple´s  Hacienda Hunxectaman dinner reception, that just begged be be portrayed in color! I guess that is what ´s called having the best of both worlds!

Ale y Marcelo, nos encantó acompañarlos en su maravilloso dia, les mandamos muchisimas felicidades abrazo fuerte de parte nuestra.

All photographs (c)2013 Elizabeth and Lauren Medina.

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Yucatan, Mexico
photographing globally