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Mayan Ceremony Hacienda Uayamon, Campeche 4 20 2010


Simply delightful. Not sure what else to say about Luis and Yoko and the experience of being the photographer for their destination wedding in Mexico. I met Luis and Yoko way back in 2008 when they stopped off in Merida on their way to Campeche to visit the Hacienda Uayamon for the first time. There were bumps along the way and the wedding needed to be postponed indefinitely. I wondered what would happen but Luis explained that only one thing was for sure, and that was that Yoko had said that I would be her photographer. Wow. Those who have been reading this blog for a while will probably have noticed that my photographer “self promotion” skills are not anywhere near up to par… I will never claim to be a rockstar and can’t even see the point of entering photo contests so I will probably never win any awards… so even though I can see the importance of self promotion it is just not my style to “talk up” my own work.  So I hope you will keep that in mind because I am totally bragging when I say that I am extremely proud that my work has somehow earned the trust that allows me to capture some of the magic of amazing couples like Yoko and Luis. Luis y Yoko, thank you so much for your confidence, and for being such a special couple.

This ring shot is a testimony to my fab assistant Lauren’s stubbornness, it was so hard to arrange this in a way that would allow focus of both rings but she persisted and got the shot even though I told her to give up!

This was a very intimate wedding and Luis and Yoko met before the ceremony for a first look and bride and groom photos.

The hacienda Uayamon chapel, so beautiful and natural. Luis and Yoko had an authentic Mayan ceremony… this is the only time I have been called out of the post wedding family portraits and asked by the shaman to return to the ceremony site for a ritual cleansing, apparently I had stepped inside the sacred circle so it was good to know that the Mayan priest had my back.

“Real” Mexican food is amazing, the port of Campeche is famous for its seafood. Ceviche and dark beer…yum.

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